Rilke Poetry Evening

Monday 8 April, 6:00 PM
 Space, 12 Little Britain Street (on the corner of Little Green St.), Dublin 7

Our decision to include Rainer Maria Rilke’s book Letters To A Young Poet as part of our series of events came from a consideration of his propositions regarding the everyday living of all manner of experience.

His belief that life and space are of the same qualitative material, but operating on variant frequencies, is something we have explored in our discussions around his work, and we have decided to host an evening of Rilke’s poetry as well as responsive pieces inspired by him.

Starting at 6pm, there will be readings of Rilke’s work, a showing of the works made with his writing in mind, all followed by a short screening of Dennis Hopper reading from Letters To A Young Poet.

We’d like to invite anyone with a love of Rilke to read a poem of their choosing – or simply to attend, and pick up a transcript of the discussion hosted on Letters, as well as a transcript of our previous discussion on the work of John Berger.

**As siteation, who have kindly agreed to let us use their space, is a non-profit organisation, there’s a recommended donation of four euro (or whatever happens to be rattling around your wallet) upon entry, which will entitle you to one of our complimentary beverages. You are also welcome to BYO.



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